In the past 30 years, we have engaged over 60,000 young people in award-winning, experiential programs at the cutting edge of environmental education, youth leadership and outdoor recreation in Canada.

We help young people to...

  • appreciate, understand, and care for themselves and the earth
  • develop leadership skills to make a positive difference for their communities and the planet

We do it through...

  • Creative, fun adventures that connect experiences in nature with practical understanding and positive change in homes, schools, and communities
  • Practical experiences that inspire young people through hands-on leadership and service

School-Based Programs

  • Cycle Savers (Grade 4) - Decipher the ancient codes and join the club.
  • Mysterious Encounters (Grade 5-6) - Search for the secret formula for all life.
  • MindShift (High School) - Youth Educating Youth, Shifting to a Sustainable Culture.

Summer Adventure Camps & Leadership Training

  • Environmental Day Camps (ages 7-12) at the Fleming/Dingle Park.
  • Sunship Earth (ages 10-12) - A special voyage to become a crew member on your planet.
  • Explorers (ages 11-13) - Learn to live in nature from the wisdom of the animals.
  • LEAD (ages 13-15) - Leadership, Environmental Adventure and Discovery

Youth Leadership

  • HEAT youth action team (ages 13-18) - Helping the Earth by Acting Together!
  • Youth leadership - Get involved at the HRM Adventure Earth Centre.
Walk The Talk

Lead your family or youth group on Earth Adventures (ages 4-84).

"Tell me and I will forget;
Show me and I may remember;
Involve me and I will understand."